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Sleek • Sophisticated • Stylish Let me begin with the conclusion. The Paradigm Persona 9H is a new assault on the state of the art in speaker design by one of Canada’s leading companies. It may cost some $35,000 a pair, but it’s one of the best speaker systems I have […]

Caixas Paradigm Persona 9H (via The Absolute Sound)

Esse amplificador integrado (bem como os outros produtos do fabricante norueguês) você encontra aqui na Bridge Áudio. Röst is the name of one of Norway’s most beautiful islands. Way up north in Lofoten. About as far out from the mainland as you can get. The name fits like a glove. […]

Amplificador integrado Hegel Röst (via Hegel site)

Os toca-discos da Pro-Ject você encontra na Bridge Áudio. Consulte. PRO-JECT DEBUT CARBON ESPRIT SB Sitting midway through Pro-Ject’s huge range of well-regarded record players the rather wordily named Debut Carbon Esprit SB is a great looking piece of kit. The piano lacquer finish, matte acrylic platter and moody carbon […]

Toca-discos Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Os receivers Denon você encontra aqui na Bridge Áudio. Consulte. ”Versatile and uncompromising AV Surround Receivers equipped with Denon’s high-end technology and experience. Meeting the needs of home theater enthusiasts and beginners alike.” DENON AVR-X4400 Premium 11.2 channel AV Surround Receiver with monolithic amplifier design, all 3D audio formats built-in, […]

Os novos receivers premium da Denon: AVR-X4400H e AVR-X6400H