Novidade: os toca-discos da Scheu Analog

Muito em breve mais uma super novidade para os amantes do som analógico: os toca-discos da alemã Scheu Analog. Acompanhe aqui no blog e também em nossa página no facebook.

Abaixo mais informações diretamente do site do fabricante.

Turntables from SCHEU are synonymous from Berlin to Ushuaia with a most audiophile sound quality, tonal balance and, last but not least, outstanding durability. They are all belt-/string-driven heavyweight turntables and they all use an inverted bearing.

Production quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we work exclusively with suppliers from Germany. This means that our final products are `Made in Germany´ through and through – apart from the Rega arm on some models, which fortunately is being built to the same exacting standards.

Our turntables are carefully manufactured by hand and offer a suitable solution for everyone, no matter what your requirements, from the beginner´s turntable Cello to the very sophisticated reference-beater Das Laufwerk No.2.

Das Laufwerk